Remote-working and freelancing is on the rise. This tide raises all ships. and the demand to find decent co-working space around them rises along with the tide. In my personal experience and my circle, we’ve been wandering around coffeeshops and co-working spaces nearby, and of course we find different vibes, different kind of people in different type of place. Some are good for chilling with friends, some has fast wifi, decent vibe for working, and some just have this authentic coffee taste. Man, what a choice…

The fact is, people come in coffeeshops with different agendas. From word of mouth and other channels, we cafe-workers decide to try new coffeeshops. How to make them find the right choices? Let’s help them.

Research phase

Remote-workers Persona

In this research, since this is a conceptual app, I only do research within my friends without compromising the persona (actual cafe-workers). This persona is different than before, but this is the variable that I need. Persona comes in shapes and sizes but you should really know and define your user are and their characters, including pain points and etc.

“Build persona that answers empathy map”

User Needs

  1. User would like to get recommendation of coffee shop based on their agenda, either it’s to work, to play, or to drink.
  2. User would like to see how people think about this coffee shop
  3. User would like to know the ambience and the interior design of the coffee shop before they go
  4. User would like to know the coffee shop’s competitive advantage whether it’s the choices of coffee, or interior design, etc.
  5. It would be nice for them if they could order online (in this case i’m using third-party food delivery system)
  6. User would love if they’re notified of any discountsAffinity mapping


Let’s dig in that this is a new app, and we’re to design an app based on the user needs. So I interviewed some cafe-workers about what they need from this app.

User Flow


Crazy eight and sketching up

Low-Fidelity Design

Low fidelity screen

Home Screen

Detailed Experience

Process to buy coffee online
From searching to representation of coffeeshop


In this exploration project, I only focus on the app’s MVP — To help freelancers and cafe-workers find cafe within their criteria. I believe that this kind of app has opportunity to explore a lot about the user, and how new features could help to get there for further product strategy and development.